Many people live life with chronic stress on their body that turns into to pain and problems. Get Back on Track Toward a Pain-Free Life with help from New England Spinal Care.

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Do you suffer from migraines? Would you like to lose weight easily? New England Spinal Care is home to Dr. Andrew Smyth, a chiropractor with over a decade of experience.

Dr. Smyth is committed to helping you feel like your old self again by giving you the chiropractic care you need.

When you’re experiencing pain caused by concussions, TMJ or vertigo, turn to New England Spinal Care in Norwood, MA. Schedule an appointment today by calling 781-255-5565.

Using cutting-edge

chiropractic care to treat your pain

Dr. Smyth can treat your pain from vertigo, migraines, TMJ or fibromyalgia in a variety of ways, and he specializes in three chiropractic techniques.

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  • QSM3: One of the most progressive upper cervical chiropractic techniques. QSM3 involves looking at your entire spine to correct spinal misalignments and optimize results.
  • Upper cervical: A chiropractic method only performed by 1% of specialists. Upper cervical care focuses on touching the neck only.
  • ChiroThin: A weight-loss program only offered at chiropractic offices. ChiroThin consists of an all-natural nutritional support formula that burns fat and helps you lose weight.

Eliminate your pain with chiropractic treatments from New England Spinal Care in Norwood, MA. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Smyth as soon as possible.

Compassionate care to help

Compassionate care to help

you achieve your wellness goals

We know living with debilitating pain can be physically and mentally draining. New England Spinal Care is dedicated to helping you take the first steps to lose weight and live a life without pain.

If you suffer from TMJ, fibromyalgia or migraines, turn to Dr. Smyth at New England Spinal Care for chiropractic care.

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