Meet Dr. Andrew Smyth

My name is, Dr. Andrew Smyth, and I received my doctoral degree from Life University. I chose to become a chiropractor after working in software as a programmer and quality assurance engineer. During career counseling, the idea of chiropractic jumped into my head in a way I had never felt before and trusted it. I thought I could have a bigger impact on the world as a chiropractor than as a software engineer.  There was something very exciting about releasing and enabling the vital power of a person to be more expressed.  I figured people could have more fun in life, be happier, and healthier if they were less jammed up.  The more I learned the more I realized that this vital power inside us is a hidden gem for health, healing and life.  So I decided to create the possibility of healthy, thriving, and joyful people through chiropractic. Very early in my studies at school, I became interested in Upper Cervical Chiropractic methods which focus at the top of the neck.

These methods are known for being specific and producing better results in less time. When the NUCCA and now QSM3 procedure crossed my path, I quickly realized that this was my calling.  Dr. Smyth is a founding member and board member of the QSM3 organization with “M” certification.  Dr. Smyth is also part II certified in the NUCCA procedure.

The doctor is a native of Massachusetts and grew up in Burlington.  He is the founder and a past board member of Take a Swing at Cancer, Inc., a charity that raises money to help families in cancer treatment. (

I want to remind you that “Life is meant to be lived, not survived.” Getting your body and spine released can make a world of difference in the health and life experience.  It enables your body to move and function like it was meant to; which is full blast so that you can move, heal and thrive!

New England Spinal Care

We offer a different idea and experience than traditional chiropractic…please review the following to find out if our style is right for you. Many people are very familiar with the idea or experience of popping, twisting and cracking of different areas of the spine and body. We do none of these…We do something different…

Instead of focusing on the individual bones of the spine, our focus is seeing how the whole body misaligns, twists, and locks as it adapts to the injuries experienced through life. Once an injury occurs in life, there is an imbalance. The body then twists, compensates and slowly compresses on itself to stabilize under the weight of gravity. Looking at the whole body: the hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, head, neck, and spine give me information on how to access and release the body in different way.

Dr. Smyth is a founding member of QSM3, and we are the only QSM3 office in New England. Dr. Smyth is also Part II Certified in NUCCA. We are the only NUCCA office in Massachusetts.

Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical is a specialty in chiropractic that is practiced by only 1% of chiropractors. QSM3 is the newest addition to group of methods known as upper cervical chiropractic. Other upper cervical methods were focused on the misalignment of upper neck bones and the adjustment was given at the upper neck only. Now, we still touch the upper neck, but look to at the whole body not just the upper neck bone(s). Most upper cervical methods rely on x-rays to measure the misalignment and direct care. QSM3 uses x-rays and relies on postural data (comparative leg length, weight imbalance, shoulder and hip position, head tilt) to direct care and the adjustment. QSM3 adjustments typically reach a depth of 2-4 mm—so very light. (link to web page)

Our Chiropractic Method

There are many methods in chiropractic. The foundation of our office is Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3). QSM3 evolved from another upper cervical method called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). QSM3 doctors look to understand the breakdown of the whole body so that we can release and decompress the body into more balanced and stress free state. Our method does not push or set the vertebrae into a position. A gentle touch is applied on the upper neck in specific ways to release the pathways of tension that hold the body in its stuck, misaligned state. A majority of people notice a lighter, looser feeling as QSM3 gets you “off your nerves.” It is a very different experience.

Cutting Edge ideas in our Method

  • QSM3 is based on the ideas of tensegrity, anatomy trains, biomechanics, and vitalism.
  • Tensegrity means tensional integrity which all living systems use to create strength and flexibility. Misalignment creates imbalanced tension or a tension/compression dynamic that limits strength and flexibility.
  • Anatomy Trains is the idea that instead of over 300 individual muscles, we have one muscle in over 300 pockets of fascia. There are many whole body myofascial pathways that stabilize the body. QSM3 accesses and releases these pathways.
  • Biomechanics is the study and understanding of how the skeletal and muscles systems work and adapt to imbalance and stress.
  • Vitalism is the philosophy that there is an inborn intelligence or life force within each of us that uses the brain and nerve system to control and maintain the body in health. Interference to the nerve system can lead to a change in health most easily seen as a disease, pain, or loss of function. But, more than that, this interference can affect performance on multiple levels, some easily observed and others more subtle.

The Experience of getting adjusted

It is a very different experience—even if you have been to other upper cervical doctors. A

person receives a QSM3 adjustment by lying on their side on a special chiropractic table. The doctor gently touches or brushes the side of their neck (mostly in the upper neck). It is completely painless and most people would call the experience “underwhelming”. Most visits are about 10 minutes long. The first adjustments visits are often 30 minutes. A majority of people find this type of care delivers a unique whole body experience.

Care is a process. Each person has a unique history and experience of life that has led to

their current situation, and most people’s injuries happened a long time before they felt a problem and decided to get help. It takes time to release and heal.

A different idea of Subluxation or Spinal Misalignment

There are a number of definition for the chiropractic term Subluxation. I am a big proponent of defining it as a condition of less life. Sub- means less. Lux, Lucis from Latin means life. The suffix –ation means a condition or process. Medically, the term subluxation means less than a dislocation. Misalignment means/causes stress on the nerves and stress on the nerves means altered communication and function. So this is condition of less life or function or health. Subluxation affects every part of our experience as a human…physically, mentally, emotionally.

Spinal Misalignment is not about separating your back from your body, but instead its about having a wider vision of your body’s attempt to create balance in its stressed situation. Foot, hand, and head position, for instance, can tell me about stress on the neck and back. Knowing that gives information on taking better care of you.

Progressive Rehab

Most people have been misaligned for years which creates weaknesses and chronic adhesion/tension patterns. For many people, we combine chiropractic with a variety of techniques in soft tissue, stretching, and therapeutic exercise to create an even better experience for you. Chiropractic resets the nerve, Rehab further releases and strengthens the muscles. (Please make hotlink to progressive rehab page)

Your first visit

Your first visit is about us understanding you, discovering if you are in the right place and evaluating if we can help you…A consulation as well as postural, palpatory, SEMG, and Thermography exams are completed to evaluate the body and nerve system and find it out if you have a chiropractic problem that we can help. X-rays are taken (if necessary) to visualize how to best help the patient.

A first visit is typically 30 minutes. We do request that paperwork is filled out ahead of time or that you arrive 20 minutes before your appointment. We do not guarantee results, we do guarantee our full effort to help you.

I work with children

Children are precious and their health issues can have life time effects on how they look at and experience life. They typically respond more quickly than adults. Getting them aligned allows them to function better in sports, in school, and in so many other ways. Getting children adjusted also allows their body to grow better and set the stage for better health throughout life. Most people do not realize that physical problems they have as adults often started early in life…

I do work with pets

I have worked on dogs and horses. Dogs and horses don’t complain about pain, they just act differently. A number of animals seem to change personality after I release their nerves. They move better and are more interactive. They also respond quicker than people.